Alert Husband Tips of Welcoming Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Suami Siaga Jelang Istri Melahirkan

Pregnancy can be regarded as the best and most beautiful thing that ever happened to Mommy and the husband. Therefore, Mommy needs to prepare everything in order to avoid problems during pregnancy and to keep Mommy’s body stay healthy, and during labor and delivery, the process will go smoothly.

Of course, this does not only need to be done by Mommy herself, but also the husband who needs to be an alert husband. When the time of delivery comes, Mommy gets all the needs and treatment needed.

Pay Attention to the Physical Condition

There are some things that need to be prepared so that Mommy’s husband becomes alert husband. The first and most important thing is the Mommy’s husband health and physical condition. Why? It would be funny and problematic if the husband is suddenly sick when Mommy needs help and care from a doctor. The husband cannot provide the help that Mommy needs and the undesirable things might happen. 

The husband's health is not only necessary when Mommy will give birth. When Mommy was pregnant, husband's physical condition readiness is also important in order to help Mommy getting all the needs for childbirth. So, the one who needs to be healthy is not only the pregnant Mommy but also the husband. Therefore, Mommy also needs to keep in mind about it and it would be better if Mommy and the husband help each other to get a good physical condition and stay healthy.

Doing Preparation Tips

There are two kinds of delivering tips that need to be prepared by the husband. The first is before labor. The first thing that needs to be prepared is the vehicle. If Mommy already has a car, make sure the condition of the car is very good and has enough fuel. If Mommy doesn’t have a car, Mommy can use a taxi. Keep the taxi phone number and make sure Mommy and the husband choose a good taxi service.

In addition, ask the neighbors for help. If the neighbor has a car, Mommy and her husband could ask for transport. Tell your neighbors the approximate time of the birth of the baby. This can be obtained from a routine examination by a gynecologist. Prepare the bags and daily necessities carefully to be taken to hospital. And also, select hospitals for the labor process. Do this in the final months of pregnancy. 

The second is on the childbirth day. Handle the hospital administration as soon as possible so that Mommy can get the room and required treatment at a maternity hospital. It would be better if the husband seek for the information regarding the administration procedures completely in order to avoid some problems during the process later on. Ensure the husband has informed the hospital staff that Mommy wants to have Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD) for the newborn. The most important thing is the husband always ready and attentive to all conditions.