Avoid These Foods During Pregnancy Preparation

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Hindari Makanan Ini Selama Persiapan Kehamilan

Pregnancy is the most desirable moment for almost all women. This moment can make a woman feel perfect, being pregnant and giving birth to a child. But unfortunately, not all women can get pregnant quickly. There are many women who have a lot of problems or obstacles in order to get pregnant. Some others already got married for years and not pregnant yet. 

Actually, in preparing for a pregnancy, a woman needs to know what is best for the pregnancy that might occur. Foods for pregnant women or preparing for a pregnancy should always be maintained.

Foods will greatly affect the pregnancy later on and there are many recommended foods to improve the ovarian quality so Mommy will get a healthy and intelligent baby. 

So what should Mommy consume while preparing for pregnancy? Here are some good foods to be consumed during pregnancy preparation and there are no dietary restrictions during the preparation and during pregnancy.

The Need of Folic Acid

The need of folic acid during pregnancy preparation is essential. Mommy should consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day during the pregnancy preparation. Folic acid will also be very good for the brain development of the fetus and the baby. If Mommy has to fulfill the need of folic acid during the preparation, then the ovaries will get folic acid intake early as well and will grow to perfection.

Where will Mommy get folic acid intake? Folic acid can be obtained from various types of food, for example egg yolk, nuts, green vegetables, citrus and others. In addition, folic acid is also a key to cell growth at the beginning of fertilization. Folic acid is also very good to help prevent the childbirth risk as well as birth defects.

Restricted Foods

For pregnant women or mothers who are in a period of preparation for pregnancy, they should know some restricted foods during pregnancy preparation or during pregnancy. These restricted foods must not be consumed in order to maintain the healthy fetus or to make Mommy becomes pregnant quickly. 

Mommy should not consume caffeine or caffeine-containing foods and beverages. Limited amounts of caffeine can also help to keep the fetus better. Besides, instant foods should also be avoided because many of these foods contain chemicals which are very dangerous and make the ovaries become weaker.

Alcohol and smoking are also very dangerous because the ovaries cannot develop to their full potential due to the presence of nicotine and harmful substances which are channeled from mother to the fetus. Smoking will also make it difficult for Mommy to get pregnant. By avoiding harmful foods and implementing a healthy diet, the fetus can grow and develop in a healthy way.