Development of Babies Aged 0 to 6 Months

Written by: Redaksi

Perkembangan Bayi Usia 0 Sampai 6 Bulan

Observing the development of the baby after birth is an important as well as pleasant thing for Mommy. Baby development, such as the motor skills (gestures), perceptual, and cognitive will evolve gradually with the age. 

Age 0-6 months is the early stage of development of the body, such as:

Age 0-1 months

Physically, newborns are still affected by the situation while in the womb. Feet and hands will be in a state of bending, but naturally both feet and hands will be straight by themselves. The baby’s vision at this age is still blur and could only see objects within 8-15 inches. When the baby is at the age of 3 weeks, he has begun to recognize Mommy’s voice and the baby will love to be kissed, touched, picked up, and massaged.

Age 1-2 months

Babies at this age have more focused vision and can respond to a variety of sounds. Babies also have started to express their feelings and smiles when communicating. Babies begin to learn about what is seen and heard.

Age 2- 3 months 

At this age, the muscles of the baby's body are getting stronger, and his skills have grown. The baby is able to control the movement of the muscles of the body such as lifting the head and her neck for a moment in the prone position. Babies begin to produce certain sounds. When he heard Mommy’s voice, he will respond with his own sounds. 

Age 3-4 months

Baby can hold his head and use his own hands to support the body. He learns to move his hand and foot muscles while at the same time try to grab objects and grasp the toys provided. Babies can mumble and begin with the letter p, b, and m to pronounce. Mommy should keep an eye on the baby while playing because he tends to include all objects that are reachable and then put them into into his mouth. 

Age 4-5 months

Babies begin to speak and respond to his new surroundings with his own sounds spontaneously. Babies will also observe and recognize the shape and size of the object in his hand. Mommy could give a colorful toy to start introducing the type of color.

 Age 5-6 months

The arms, upper body and neck of the baby will be stronger, and soon the baby will be able to sit up without assistance. The hand control gets better and baby can support himself to crawl and overthrow his body to the right and left.