Balanced intake and pregnancy milk to get pregnant quickly

Written by: Redaksi

Imbangi Asupan dan Susu Kehamilan Agar Cepat Hamil

Pregnancy is a very important thing to be look after. Therefore, food and drink intake should be strictly in accordance with the advice given by pregnancy experts. If mommy is planning for a pregnancy, there are many things to do so that the plan can work well.

Changes to the selection of food intake for pregnant preparation should be done immediately with discipline. More selective selection is used so that pregnancy planning is going well and gives positive results. The following is kinds of food which are best to eat when planning a pregnancy.

What is the good food for pregnancy?

Mommy has to start taking the nutritious foods when planning a pregnancy. Proper food intake will definitely give the best results for mommy. Some foods below are very good to consume every day in reasonable quantities in order to increase mommy’s health so that pregnancy can occur immediately.


Eggs have a lot of useful benefits. Although it only has about 90 calories, it contains more than 12 vitamins and minerals. Good quality protein is also found in an egg. This protein is very good in planning a pregnancy. Even during pregnancy, the protein in the egg is able to help the baby to grow well in accordance with its phase.

In addition to protein, eggs are also rich in choline to build brain growth and health. Some of the eggs have very good omega 3 for brain development and eyesight. For a woman who had normal cholesterol levels in the blood, they can consume 1-2 eggs per day.


This marine fish species has a high quality protein. Salmon is also the greatest source of omega-3 nutrients. Maybe mommy is very cautious in consuming seafood like salmon. But, compared with other types of seafood or other marine fish, salmon has low mercury levels. Mercury is said to be very dangerous because it can damage nervous system development in infants. Each type of food must at the appropriate amount that can be eaten in a certain time. Moreover, if felt the signs of pregnancy on the body.


Milk is become one of the nutritional intake should be consumed by mommy who wants to get pregnant. There are a lot of advantages that mommy can feel by drinking milk every day. The main advantage is to prevent anemia during pregnancy. In addition, the calcium contained in milk is useful for making strong bones and avoid osteoporosis as well. So, mommy should immediately have the habit of drinking milk every day from now on.