Mother, This is the Right Way to Bathe a Newborn Baby

Written by: Redaksi

Ibu, Inilah Cara Tepat Untuk Memandikan Bayi Yang Baru Lahir

As a new Mommy, sometimes there is a feeling of fear when it comes to bathing the baby, but it is a crucial moment for the baby. With regular shower, Mommy will maintain the health and hygiene of the baby.

Mommy needs to learn how to bathe a baby independently, cannot be assisted by family members or others. Baby shower must be done carefully. Therefore, Mommy should also know how to bathe the baby properly. There are some bathing tips that Mommy needs to know. 


Bathing a baby is a very important activity. Here are some ways or tips to be done when Mommy is going to bathe the baby. Mommy must prepare all the bathing stuff for the baby, such as : 

  1. Baby bathtub which is wide and soft. 
  2. Warm water with temperatures ranging from 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. Mommy should check the temperature with the elbow. 
  3. Mommy must prepare delicate baby soap which is non eye-irritant.
  4. Prepare soft towel.
  5. Prepare a place to put the baby after the bath.
  6. Prepare clothes, baby powder, and telon oil after bath. 

Bathing Process

After Mommy prepared the bathing stuff for the baby, Mommy can start the bathing activity: 

First, start undressing the baby and wrap the baby with a towel and put the baby on the lap. 

Secondly, wipe the eyes with a cotton swab which is wetted by cold boiled water. Mommy may also start to clean the face and mouth. 

Third, wash the neck, chest, back, arm and leg parts. Mommy can also check the folding parts of the baby’s body. 

Fourth, Mommy can start to wash the hair and pour the baby shampoo. Wash the hair by holding the baby’s head above the baby bath tub. Mommy can dry and release the towel then put one hand under the shoulder areas. Place the other hand on the buttocks. 

Fifth, put the baby into the bath tub and support the neck and shoulders. Start to put some soap and rinse well. 

Sixth, Mommy can hold the buttocks when lifting the baby from the tub. Mommy can wrap the baby with a towel while patting him for drying. Mommy should also place the towel under the baby while putting on the diapers and clothes. 

By following some of the tips above, the baby will always be clean and Mommy can bath her baby easily.