Being Smart in Selecting Milk to Prepare for a Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Promil Alami agar Ibu Cepat Hamil

Milk is one of the nutritional sources which is very important to be consumed by pregnant women or women who are planning to have a pregnancy. For newly-married Mommy or who are planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to consume a special milk intended for women who are preparing for pregnancy.

This is very important because milk has very good nutrition to prepare for Mommy’s condition and also the condition of Mommy’s uterus, so that Mommy will be ready for the process of fertilization. The nutrients can support the preparation of the ovum and also the uterus so that fertilization can run effectively and the fetus will also grow properly. 

So, what are the tips that we can consider in selecting milk to prepare for a pregnancy? 

Substantial Nutrients

The first tips is choosing the milk specifically intended for planning a pregnancy. Typically, this type of milk contains folic acid. This is a similar nutrient contained in rice, flour, beans, and wheat.

During preparation for a pregnancy it is advisable that the mother doesn’t choose the non-fat milk, but the whole milk. This is regarding the hormones contained in the milk

The milk contains male hormones, while the fat content contains female hormones. It would be beneficial if we drink nutrition intake that has a balance of both hormones. 

This point is also supported by the results of a study which revealed that most women who consumed low-fat milk have a tendency to have lower fertility levels compared to those who drink whole milk.

If Mommy is still confused in choosing the right milk of pregnant women, Mommy can try to consult with a doctor to choose the most appropriate product. 

Each person has different conditions, so it would be better for Mommy to choose the most appropriate products in accordance with Mommy’s condition. That's when a doctor plays an important role since he will check Mommy’s condition and recommend the best product for Mommy.

Reasons for Drinking Milk

Perhaps there are some people who are still wondering whether drinking milk is a necessity to get pregnant? If the objective is only to get pregnant, in fact it is not a necessity because we all know that many couples may successfully conceive a baby without having to drink milk in preparation for pregnancy.

However, the purpose of this kind of milk is to prepare oneself and make the condition of the body more conducive for a pregnancy. So its function is more to the action of the preparation and also the prevention of bad problems that might occur.

In addition, the nutritional intake of the milk can also improve fertility for women. Therefore, this product is also commonly referred as pregnancy milk.