Tips for Breastfeeding Babies in Public Places

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Menyusui Bayi di Tempat Umum

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful moment after pregnancy and giving birth. Breast milk is also the best natural intake and given to the beloved baby. This also includes the condition when the baby suddenly wants to consume breast milk when the mother and the baby are going out of the house or on a holiday trip.

This certainly makes Mommy feel confused to provide breastfeeding in public places; especially in Indonesia it is still rare to find a special room for Mommy to provide breastfeeding. If something like this happens, Mommy doesn’t have to worry, especially if this is the first experience of having a baby. Breastfeeding in public places is not "scary" even though it can make Mommy a little uncomfortable or less comfortable. All those uncomfortable feelings can be handled if Mommy knows what to do when breastfeeding in public places.

Here are 4 tips for mothers to breastfeed in public places conveniently :

  1. There is no need to feel uncomfortable or awkward to breastfeed in public places; it is not easy to do for Mommy who has just had her first child’s breastfeeding experience. Mommy can choose clothing which is used for special breastfeeding as breastfeeding clothes, layered clothing, and nursing cover (cloth cover) so that Mommy’s body parts cannot be seen by others. Prioritize the comfort of the mother to wear suitable clothing and comfortable.
  2. If Mommy is not used to breastfeed in public places, Mommy can practice using special clothing for breastfeeding at home first, doing the breastfeeding until Mommy is completely flexible and able to get comfortable feeding position for Mommy and baby. It can also give confidence to breastfeed in public spaces.
  3. Identify a safe public place for breastfeeding mothers. Mommy can see around or seek for information through friends or relatives about the safe and comfortable places (breastfeeding friendly) for breastfeeding mothers in certain places.
  4. Provide breastfeeding in a natural way, not drawing attention of the crowd when Mommy is in a public place. If Mommy has implemented tips number 2, Mommy will certainly feel a bit relaxed when it comes to provide breastfeeding in public places.

Exclusive breast milk contains antibodies which makes the baby not susceptible to the diseases. Complete the need of sufficient breast milk for the baby. Drink PRENAGEN lactamom to meet Mommy’s nutrition during breastfeeding period. PRENAGEN lactamom contains DHA, AA, choline, omega 3 and omega 6 which can improve the quality of breast milk and is good for the brain development of the baby.

Good luck.