Can Mommy Provide Breastfeeding While Pregnant?

Written by: Redaksi

Bisakah Menyusui Selagi Hamil?

After having a child birth and still in breastfeeding period with exclusive breast milk, Mommy is confirmed pregnant again. This might happen to Mommy. Can Mommy provide breastfeeding while being pregnant? If the pregnancy is declared healthy after consultation with the doctor, Mommy may continue breastfeeding, because the body will simultaneously prioritize the provision of nutrients to the fetus and at the same time not reducing the nutrients needed to supply the breast milk. 

Due to the increasing nutritional demand when breasting while pregnant, of course the nutritional demand needs to be concerned of and completed. Breastfeeding while pregnancy is not recommended if the doctor stated that the pregnancy is at high risk or the mother has a history of miscarriage, and there are signs of pre-term labor such as pain in the waist, cramps, bleeding or amniotic fluid leakage, If these happen, try to lie down immediately and contact your doctor to receive further treatments.