No Need for Medication, Here Are Natural Fertility Boosters

Written by: Redaksi

Tidak Harus Obat Bu, Berikut Penyubur Kandungan yang Alami

Most couples do not heed the sex of their child during pregnancy. However, it is undeniable that there is a small part of such couples. Here are a few tips that can be useful in helping to determine the sex of the baby.

Girls Vs Boys

To increase the chances of conceiving a girl, try to have sexual intercourse between a few days before ovulation. To be more accurate, try to have sexual intercourse around three until four days before ovulation. 

That is because before ovulation X chromosome has more chances to survive than the Y chromosome which is a key element in the DNA of the boy. Y chromosome is a fairly weak chromosome type, so they are easily killed by the acidity of the vagina of women.

Therefore, make sure that the husband ejaculation is not too deep in the vagina because the outside of the vagina has a higher acidity level. Avoid female orgasm because a woman's vagina will be alkaline after the woman has an orgasm.

On the contrary, to conceive a boy, keep the acidity of the vagina low. Ensure that the husband ejaculates after a woman reaches climax, so the vagina becomes alkaline.


Type of Food

Type of food also influences the sex of the baby. For example, scientists have proven that the food which is sweet and fibrous will support the formation of female fetuses. This is because sugary foods increase the level of acidity in the bodies so that it will kill Y chromosome.

Fibrous foods also help the formation of the acidity of the body, especially in women. Therefore, try to consume foods that are sweet and contain a lot of sugar such as fruits, rice, starchy, and also vegetables.

As for producing male fetus, strengthen the living level of Y chromosome in Mommy's body. Therefore, increase the consumption of salty foods such as meat and also foods that contain a lot of calories such as tuber, corn, and potatoes.

Also try to consume foods that contain alkaline substances and potassium such as bananas, cabbage, tomatoes, watermelon, orange, and much more. Foods that contain a lot of potassium and alkaline will keep the alkali level in Mommy’s body so the Y chromosome will stay alive. 

If Mommy wants to maintain a high level of vaginal acidity, Mommy can wash the vagina area with a mixture of water and vinegar before sexual intercourse. However, Mommy also needs to be careful in using this mixture because if the mixture is too excessive, it can lead to irritation of the vulva.