Precautions Before Pregnancy Preparation

Written by: Redaksi

Pantangan-pantangan Sebelum Persiapan Kehamilan

During pregnancy preparation, there are a lot of things to consider. It is very important for Mommy to know the things which are beneficial for the body in so that it can accelerate the pregnancy if Mommy really wants to have children. 

The meaning of taboo in this case is avoiding bad habits which may affect the condition of the body of a pregnant woman or mother-to-be. Therefore, we need to prepare for pregnancy program at least three months prior to pregnancy.

This kind of pregnancy preparation would help Mommy to have a healthy pregnancy with the high quality fetus. There are myths and facts that can be learned so that Mommy will ne get confused during the pregnancy period. 

Some pregnancy taboos are only myths; however, it would be better if Mommy learns about the meaning of the popular pregnancy myths from the past up to now. 

Myths and Facts

Pregnancy myths and facts have become very crucial for women who want to have children. Myths are not only in terms of karma, but also problems that required nutritional intake of pregnant women.

Mommy often heard about the myths of not killing anything during pregnancy. This myth is also valid for the husband. Many people say the baby may have a cleft lip when the husband goes fishing during pregnancy. This might become reality for some people, but not for others. 

However, we need to know that maybe there is a certain meaning behind the myth. With the incident, Mommy can learn a lot about how to control emotions during pregnancy and not to harm other living creatures. For the fact itself, it may be associated with folic acid deficiency when the fetus is in the womb.

Then, there are also myths about not having sexual intercourse during the first trimester of pregnancy. The fact is, it depends on the conditions of each woman's womb, and the sexual intercourse can still be done by adjusting the condition of the pregnancy. 

Taboos Before Pregancy

In implementing the pregnancy program, Mommy needs to consider the health condition in order to get pregnant. Therefore, there are some taboos that need to be understood and implemented. One of them is avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

During the modern era, many women like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Well, if Mommy is one of them, Mommy should stop this habit 3-4 months before becoming pregnant.

Substances contained in cigarettes and alcohol can affect the physical condition and also Mommy’s ovaries. If Mommy still consumes them during pregnancy, this will make the possibility of fetal abnormalities become greater.