Changes in Skin, Healthy Pregnancy Signs

Written by: Redaksi

Perubahan Kulit, Tanda Hamil Sehat

Hormones in the body can affect mommy physical and mental condition, especially when pregnant. Hormonal changes also affect the physical changes, especially the skin. Skin changes commonly occur during pregnancy. Well, skin changes during pregnancy can make mommy looks more radiant than when not pregnant. And this is one sign of a healthy pregnant. But what caused the mommy looks more glowing?

It is caused by increased blood flow that occurs in mommy’s body. The increased blood flow causes the skin looks brighter, especially on the face. Cheeks look flushed. But mommy should also pay attention to spots that may arise on the face and neck. The stain is usually yellowish or brownish. Stains, known as Chloasma usually appears during the fourth month of mommy’s pregnancy.

Chloasma is caused by melanin cells. Melanin cells arise due to estrogen and progesterone. These hormones cause the pigment. But this is often uneven pigment in all parts of the body, so there is a difference of color. In addition, Chloasma cannot be avoided and can only be reduced.

Other skin problem that typically arises for mommy who has a typical dry skin is acne. Acne that has not appeared too often suddenly reappears during pregnancy. To minimize it, use natural materials such as betel leaves, sliced tomatoes, cucumber juice, white yolk, turmeric, lemon juice or aloe vera. When acne disappears, mommy is still in healthy pregnant.

There is one more unpleasant skin problem, namely a dark area of skin may become darker. Usually the woman has a line under the belly and this line will be darker during pregnancy. If mommy has a birthmark on the previous delivery, the birthmark will also be getting dark. But no need to worry, all these skin problems will gradually disappear after the labor. When the hormones return to normal, mommy’s skin condition will be normal. So just live and enjoy mommy’s healthy pregnancy because this is a memorable moment.