Choosing a Baby Name

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Nama Bayi

The birth of a baby is a tremendous blessing from God. Happiness feels complete when the baby is born in a healthy condition. After the baby is born, he certainly requires a name as an identity. Many parents are confused when choosing a name for the baby.

Here are tips on choosing a baby name for your baby :

Look for reference of names during pregnancy so as not to rush after the baby is born, at least the mother and husband already have some names as options for the baby name. You can seek for a lot of information through books and the internet for the various names for the baby. 

Choose a name which is beautiful to hear as well as harmonious and certainly fits the mother's family name, if there is a tradition for generations as clans and family name. 

Has a positive meaning. Our former parents often say the name is a prayer; therefore, choose a name which has a positive meaning.

Easy to pronounce and remember. Choose a name which is easy to say that other people can easily call, it's good to also select a short nickname that is easy to remember. Usually nickname is the first name or a fragment of the full name of the child.

Distinguish the sexes. Remember that the name is suitable for male or female, and can be clearly distinguished. 

May these tips on selecting names of the baby will facilitate Mommy to choose the proper name for the beloved baby.