Choosing a Good Doctor or Midwife for Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Dokter atau Bidan yang Baik untuk Melahirkan

The period leading up to the birth of the baby is a period of the most thrilling for Mommy. After waiting for more than nine months, now is the time that the mother is looking forward to a happy day which is long-awaited, the birth of a baby.

For Mommy who is counting days of birth, Mommy should be able to choose an obstetrician or midwife that can give best assistance during childbirth later. Indeed, there are a lot of considerations for each Mommy in choosing an obstetrician or midwife. 

Choosing the right obstetricians and midwives to examine and assist Mommy during childbirth is important, because they understand well about the process of childbirth. If there is a problem during labor, a good obstetrician and midwife will react quickly and give responses to handle the problems. 

Mommy should not choose a doctor or midwife based on their physical appearance as handsome or pretty, it cannot guarantee the smoothness of Mommy’s labor process later. Here are tips that Mommy can apply in choosing a good obstetrician and midwife to assist Mommy during childbirth.

Since Early Pregnancy

Ideally Mommy has already chosen an obstetrician since the early age of pregnancy. Mainly, because obstetricians can monitor the condition of Mommy’s pregnancy since the early age of pregnancy until the labor process. 

Besides, the complete data from the time of early pregnancy will greatly help obstetricians in handling labor. The main factors that must be considered in choosing the best obstetrician is to look at the positive perspective of the obstetrician.

The positive perspective here is whether the obstetrician is quite communicative, friendly, patient, and able to provide comfort to the patient, trustworthy, and has a high responsibility for their patients. Mommy often heard some obstetricians who are sometimes difficult to be contacted, less friendly, and tend to be less concerned about the psychological condition of the patient.

Mommy should avoid obstetricians who are less friendly, even though they have considerable long experience. The essence of selecting a good obstetrician is that Mommy feels comfortable when meeting an obstetrician; comfort is very important so that when the time of delivery arrives, Mommy will be more prepared and relaxed for it.

Choosing a Midwife

Some obstetricians often include midwives in the labor process. It is good for Mommy to get to know the midwife in advance who will give assistance during child birth. Mommy can consult with the obstetrician about the role of the midwife during delivery.

Mommy can choose a good midwife with criteria of having a clever communication skill, smart in calming the patient, experienced, and willing to listen to any complaints. There were no significant differences in choosing obstetricians and midwives. It can be ascertained that what Mommy needs the most is comfort when interacting with the medical team in the delivery room.