Choose Baby Names Based on Meaning and Significance

Written by: Redaksi

Pilih Nama Bayi Berdasarkan Arti dan Makna

For Mommy and the husband who are expecting a baby may be a little bit anxious. Not only preparing the mental condition before childbirth, choosing baby names can also be stressful when the time is coming closer. 

In fact, it would not be so difficult if the parents already have some list of names for the baby. There are many ways to choose a baby name so that Mommy has a lot of references. Some prospective parents are very interested in the unique name as well as quirky names, or popular names when the baby has already been born. 

However, it is highly recommended if a name is chosen by considering its meaning in advance. A name that has good meaning and reflection will certainly have good representation on the baby. So, don’t rush when choosing baby names. Think thoroughly why the names are chosen and the meaning in those names. The followings are some tips to choose good baby names.

Making a List

Mommy must be selective in choosing a name. If Mommy and prospective father happened to have some list of names chosen for many things such as favorite characters in the movie or great people in the world, then write them down.

If there are some options available, the next step is finding out the meaning of these names. Mommy will probably find a wide range of meanings because of the different languages; a name does have many meanings.

If the fetus is female, Mommy can choose a baby name that is diverse and Mommy will certainly choose a name that has meaning in accordance with her wishes. 

For example, if Mommy wants to be noble and generous, Amalia could be an option because Amalia means having a noble deed. Another example is Primrose. This name is very western but the meaning is very nice. Primrose is the first grown flower, and can be given to the first child, and Primrose is suitable for girls because it means beautiful and tough. These are just a few examples, because the meaning is very important in a name. 

Consider the Spelling

Sometimes, spelling may be a problem in giving a name. Some parents want to give it a unique name, but it becomes a problem when they are older and sometimes their names do not correspond with the correct spelling. For example, the use of the letter C on the name which is read K, such as Nicola (=read Nikola). 

Well, sometimes during the school enrollment, the employee who is in charge writes the wrong spelling. It can be used as a reference for Mommy to choose an easier spelling so this kind of problem will not occur.