Choosing Healthy Snacks for Kids

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Camilan Sehat untuk Anak

Snacks are alternate foods to be consumed between meals. For children, Mommy must carefully choose healthy foods that are appropriate for their snacks.

MSG free

MSG is the abbreviation of Mono Sodium Glutamate. This substance is used to make children's food more durable and long lasting. The concept is the same as what is used on salted dried fish or eggs. The existing salt in foods containing MSG will kill the bacteria that can make the foods rotten. There are many packaged snacks which use this substance as preservatives. 

For children, Mommy should not give the packaged snacks or at least limit the consumption, such as once in a month. As we know, salt is one of the causes of health problems namely high blood pressure. 

When the children eat too much snacks containing MSG, they may get some health problems. The most surprising thing is, the health problem from early age may still exist until adulthood. So, it would be better if Mommy makes healthier snacks that do not contain MSG for the children.

But, if Mommy wants to buy packaged foods, Mommy can see the ingredient contents which is usually printed on the back of the packaging. Find out if it contains Natrium/Sodium. 

If Mommy finds out about this, then see how much of this substance contained in the snack. The content is usually stated in percentage, such as 10%. It means that if Mommy buysthis package foods containing 10% Natrium/Sodium, in one small package, the child has already got 10% of Natrium/Sodium needed by the body. 

If Mommy does not calculate the content carefully, the child may also consume other foods with same content, so it may give negative side effects on his health. Probably not in the near future, but it can increase the risk of certain diseases in the future, such as high blood pressure.


Making Healthy Snacks

There are many types of children healthy snacks that Mommy can make. Peanuts are one of them. To make it healthier, Mommy can roast the peanuts. Almonds would be better because they contain a lot of nutrition. Because Mommy does not use cooking oil, the snack is very healthy for children. 

For fruits, Mommy may combine several types of fruits, such as bananas, apples and oranges as snacks for children.

If the children don’t like the fruits, Mommy can make fruit chips. No need to fry them because Mommy can bake them in the oven. Cut the chips into thin pieces, put them on the pan, and bake them inside the oven until they are dry. Mommy can add sugar, but make sure it isn’t too much. 

This snack is very healthy because it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and most importantly there are fibers that can help take care of the digestive system of children. When not having time to make it, Mommy can also buy it from the online shop specializing in selling healthy food to get the healthy snacks.