Choosing the Right Baby Name

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Nama Bayi dengan Tepat

A name is a prayer. Of course mommy will give a good name that has meaning to mommy’s baby someday. In determining the name of the baby, mommy can collaborate with her husband to get a suitable name. Here are some things that can be used as a reference to obtain a suitable baby name.

  1. Mommy can use the name of the great figures such as the name of the prophet. The name of the prophet has a good sense and of course the name could be a role model for children. It is expected that in the growth process to adulthood, the child will have the nature and attitude of the person and the child can also be a role model for his surrounding.
  2. Before choosing a name for a baby, find the meaning first. Mommy can look it up in the Indonesian and foreign languages.
  3. Select the name that corresponds to the sex of the baby. Should not reverse in giving names of boys and girls as it can make the child feel insecure in the future. This name can also affect the child's mental condition.
  4. Another tip is not using a name that is too long, as this will make it harder when processing documents. The name on the ID card or certificate will also be shorted.  This will certainly complicate the child later if he would go out of the country because the system for recording foreign names like the USA, generally only recognizes the first name and last name.

At the moment, there are many sources that can be used to find and select a suitable baby’s name. Mommy can find references of baby names in the book and a special website. Choosing a baby name needs special attention. Fit and proper names could certainly have a positive impact on the child and mommy herself.