Choosing the Right Pediatrician

Written by: Redaksi

Memilih Dokter Anak yang Tepat

If the child is sick, Mommy will be worried. In dealing with this matter, Mommy should immediately take medical action by the simplest way, calling the pediatrician. 

Although in a state of emergency, it is not recommended to directly call any pediatricians. This is because when choosing an unqualified pediatrician, Mommy would put the child at risk of having more serious health problems as well as malpractice. 

Especially for Mommy who has no experience at all in choosing pediatricians, of course there are many things to consider in choosing a pediatrician.

Choosing Tips

The first tips that can be used to find a qualified pediatrician is by searching thoroughly in advance. In this case, Mommy conducts a review and comparison among certain pediatricians who are the most appropriate for the child. The pediatrician should know the child’s condition since birth or at least the pediatrician knows the child’s health history. 

The first thing to compare is the popularity. Just keep in mind that the more popular the pediatrician is, the better reputation he/she has. Make sure to choose the best for the child.

The second thing to compare is regarding the hospital or health clinic where the pediatrician works for. Make sure it has complete facilities and is also comfortable for the child. 

Then Mommy should also compare how much it costs in order to obtain the services of the pediatrician. The cheaper it is, the more profitable it will be. However, keep in mind that being cheap doesn’t mean being unqualified, right? 

The next ideas or tips on choosing a pediatrician is to perform a check on the practice schedule around the existing pediatricians. The objective is to adjust the schedule of Mommy and the child with the pediatrician. Especially for the modern society who is very busy with activities, adjusting with the pediatrician’s schedule is the first thing that Mommy must do. 

The next tips is how to adjust with the pediatricians who have specific preferences in certain healing methods. Each parents of course have different preferences regarding medical treatments, whether normal medical treatment or alternative method. 

Make a visit to the pediatrician’s office is also necessary to know directly the quality of cleanliness and completeness of existing facilities. The next tips is to pay attention to the pediatrician’s behavior when dealing with the child. It will be obvious whether the pediatrician is qualified or not. 

The next tips is that Mommy doesn’t need to be afraid to ask anything to the pediatrician. Don’t make reluctance to ask as the source of future problems.