Overcoming Injured Nipples While Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Mengatasi Puting Terluka Saat Menyusui

Young mothers who have just given birth often face many challenges especially regarding breastfeeding. The problem often complained by mothers who provide breastfeeding for their babies is nipple blisters during breastfeeding. 

Nipple blisters are caused by the wrong breastfeeding position or wrong method of suckling, the nipples are not stretched yet, and the baby’s suckling is too strong. These cause the nipples have blisters, injury, and pain. The nipple blisters will make mother feel uncomfortable while breastfeeding whereas breastfeeding is very important for the baby.

Here are some things which can be done in to provide breastfeeding comfortably : 

  • Start breastfeeding on the nipple which is free from pain. 
  • Feed the baby before he is so hungry so that he does not suckle too strong.
  • Secure the suckling method, the baby’s lips cover the areola between the upper and lower gums. 
  • Don’t cleanse the nipple with soap and alcohol, rub gently. 
  • Pay attention to how to release the nipple from the baby's mouth after completion of breastfeeding. Stop the breastfeeding process slowly.
  • Take out a little amount of breast milk to be put on the nipple after breastfeeding. 
  • Let the nipples dry before wearing a bra.
  • If the nipple blisters do not recover within one week, go to a clinic.
  • Let the baby suckle until the dark part around the nipple.