Difficult to Get Pregnant? Consult the Obstetrician

Written by: Amicis

Sulit Hamil? Konsultasikan Lagi ke Dokter Kandungan

Every normal woman who has been married would expect herself to be perfect with the arrival of the pregnancy. However, many of them are not getting pregnant while the marital age is increasing. This often creates a pressure for her and also her husband. 

If Mommy is one of the women who hasn’t got the gift of becoming mothers, don’t get discouraged. Perhaps the time hasn’t arrived. Rather than complaining and mourning, it’s better to find out the cause and make the best preparation to deal with a pregnancy which will happen soon. 

Having consultation with an obstetrician is one appropriate step that Mommy may take when having difficulty of getting pregnant. The pregnancy consultation can give enlightenment to you; the following solutions will help you.

What Can an Obstetrician Do for You? 

Checking the health condition during pre-pregnancy. Health is an important factor (logically) that could affect a person's chances of getting pregnant, regardless of the existence of  God’s will. One advantage that would be obtained by visiting the obstetrician is a medical examination, both overall and specific including reproductive health. Through this check, Mommy will get valid health information the possibilities related to the pregnancy in the future. 

Providing pregnancy solutions. After seeing the results of health examination and other physical signs, the obstetrician will generally provide a solution; what needs to be repaired, maintained, removed, or other suggestions in order to realize the pregnancy. For example, by knowing the physical shape of the uterus, the obstetrician may suggest positions which increase the probability related to the convergence of the ovum and the sperm.

Reviewing Mommy’s diet pattern. This diet is associated with Mommy’s weight, commonly consumed menu, and supplements or vitamins for pregnancy preparation. To be able to get pregnant, it takes weight within a certain range and eating habits that meet the nutritional needs of the body. The obstetrician will give an assessment of the diet to offer solutions or advice related to diet which is appropriate for Mommy. If necessary, the supplement or vitamin will be prescribed. 

Balancing with the Daily Healthy Habits

After consultation, Mommy still has other obligations; implementing the advice from the consultation. One of which is regarding the daily healthy habits. 

These healthy habits can help Mommy realize a desired pregnancy while keeping the body always healthy and ready to welcome the pregnancy that may come anytime. The trick? Organize the food consumption patterns; select only healthy and safe foods for consumption. In addition, combine it with regular exercise habits plus mental state which is always relaxed and free from stress.