Diseases to Be Identified before Getting Pregnant

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Penyakit yang Harus Segera Diketahui Sebelum Hamil

Does Mommy plan to become pregnant? If the answer is yes, then Mommy needs to prepare for pregnancy in particular. In addition to preparing all the needs when Mommy is pregnant later and also at the time of delivery, Mommy must also prepare herself against diseases that can strike when planning a pregnancy and also during pregnancy later. To that end, Mommy can do a check-up prior to pregnancy.

Types of Diseases which May Attack

There are many dangerous signs of pregnancy caused by a disease Mommy suffered. The first is Rubella or German measles. This disease can cause many health problems and even physical abnormalities that occur not only in Mommy but also in infant. One of the abnormalities that could be considered very serious is the disruption of the eye and the heart. The eye disorder is usually in the form of cataracts and if it is in the heart, the baby usually suffers from a weak heart.

In addition to Rubella, there are also many diseases which need to be aware of when Mommy is preparing for a pregnancy. One of dangerous illnesses is Endometriosis. This disease can cause abnormal growth of the protective layer of the uterus or endometrium.

When Mommy suffers from endometriosis, then a layer that protects the uterus does not grow inside the uterus and protect the fertilized egg, but this layer grows outside the uterus. This causes the fertilization process becomes very difficult. So, if Mommy is planning to become pregnant but unable to get pregnant, Mommy needs to check herself if there are any symptoms of Endometriosis disease.

The Solution to Prevent Diseases before Pregnancy

There are many kinds of solutions that Mommy can use to prevent the occurrence of the diseases mentioned above. The first is vaccination. This method needs to be done to prevent diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

There are three types of vaccinations that Mommy needs to do to prevent disease before pregnancy such as vaccination against measles, tetanus and hepatitis.

Vaccination against measles is usually done a few years before Mommy plans for a pregnancy. Mommy can get tetanus vaccination when Mommy wants to get married. KUA usually provide this vaccination with the name of tetanus toxoid vaccination. Hepatitis vaccination is carried out after Mommy has HBsAg test. For endometriosis disease, Mommy can see a doctor to do this disease treatment and prevention. Because Endometriosis is caused by hormonal abnormalities, the doctor will usually give hormone therapy on Mommy.

In addition to vaccines and medicines, other ways that Mommy could use to prevent the disease is through nutritional intake from food. By consuming nutritious foods that contain many vitamins, and also do regular exercises, Mommy’s body will have a strong immune system that can protect Mommy from all kinds of diseases. So, basically, Mommy just needs to live a healthier life, and then Mommy will be able to prepare for pregnancy well.