Ask These Things During Pregnancy Consultation with Doctor

Written by: Redaksi

Tanyakan Hal-hal Ini Saat Konsultasi Kehamilan dengan Dokter

There are some things that should be asked while Mommy is doing pregnancy consultation with a doctor. The doctor's advice such as necessary prenatal care and healthy foods for pregnant women will greatly help Mommy to live a normal pregnancy.

  • The first thing to ask is Mommy’s pregnancy age. Doctors may determine pregnancy in 2 methods Usually, the first day of the last menstruation period is used as a benchmark. The earlier examination will lead to more accurate results.
  • Also ask about the compulsory examination. Usually, doctors recommend blood tests. It is useful to know Mommy’s overall health condition. Blood tests are useful to determine anemia because it is often experienced by pregnant women. Mommy would also be advised to do a TORCH. This check is conducted during premarital check up.
  • Check the condition of pregnancy. Ultrasound examination is used to determine the condition of pregnancy. This is helpful to avoid the uterus problems that might be experienced at the beginning of pregnancy. Make sure that mommy is free of cysts.
  • Ask about supplements that can be consumed. Generally, doctors recommend taking folic acid. Folic acid is recommended to be consumed in the first 3 months. The purpose of taking folic acid is to for the immunity from fetal congenital defects.

In addition to some of these questions, there are also additional questions frequently asked by pregnant women. 

  • Questions regarding hot feeling of feet. The blood circulation in the pelvic area will be disturbed. This resulted in the hot feeling of Mommy’s feet. The solution is to soak feet in warm water. Massage or reflection may also solve this issue. But if the feeling continues, consult a doctor.
  • The question of itching in the belly. This does not need to worry about. Itching is caused by skin that is stretched. Use oil to deal with this problem. Gently massage Mommy’s stomach to decrease the itching. However, excessive itching is a sign of disturbance. There is a possibility of liver disorders. Itching can also be a result of increased bile acid.
  • The question of fetal movement. It is very common to feel that the fetus is moving. The Movement will be soft at first and then the movement will be stronger and can be felt. Typically, Mommy will feel this movement at Week 18 to 21.