Pre-Pregnancy Facts and Myths, Is It True?

Written by: Redaksi

Fakta dan Mitos Prakehamilan, Benarkah?

People in Indonesia are generally very familiar with various myths. Mommy will easily find certain myths in a variety of ways.

Sometimes these myths are very irrational, but still many people got affected due to those myths. They are worried they will be in trouble if they violate the myths. Some myths which we will cover in this discussion include myths during pre-pregnancy period.

During certain period, Mommy might have known so many myths regarding the pregnancy, as well as myths before pregnancy. It's good for Mommy to compare these myths with facts so that Mommy will know whether these myths are true. If the myths are proven true, there is no reason to keep worrying and feel attached to them. 

Are the Myths Reliable? 

The first myth is the couple must not do too strenuous activity if they want to have a baby immediately. The fact is, it may indeed affect the physical condition resulting in the deterioration of the sexual intercourse quality. In addition, the quality of the sperm and the ovum will not be good for conception. The conclusion is, this is not just a myth, but a reality. There are certain rules according to the religion that prohibits a sexual intercourse at certain moment, for example during the day in Ramadhan Month for Muslims. 

The second myth is Muslim couples are not allowed to have sexual intercourse during the Ied Fitri eve. If this myth is based on the religion, actually it is not prohibited. So, this myth doesn’t need to be taken into account. 

The next myth is that Men are not allowed to have rear penetration (such as doggy style) when having sexual intercourse. According to the myth, if the intercourse is successful, the infants who are born later will have squinted eyes. According to the facts, such style doesn’t have medical problem, as long as it is not an anal penetration. 

There is a myth that says that a man should not have sexual intercourse with the pregnant wife because it may harm the fetus in the womb. This is not entirely true. Medically, we may have sexual intercourse even though the wife is pregnant. Only if the wife has a history of miscarriages, then the intercourse must be done slowly and carefully. 

The next popular myth is if the pregnant women’s cravings are not fulfilled, the babies will often drool. This is absolutely wrong. Cravings occur due to hormonal changes in pregnant women and do not have any connection with the fetus. But if the mother is so stressful because of her unfulfilled cravings, then it will be dangerous.