Blood Spots During Pregnancy and Symptoms to Watch Out for

Written by: Redaksi

Flek Darah Saat Hamil dan Gejala yang Perlu Diwaspadai

Fleck is a common pregnancy problems experienced by pregnant women. What kind of flecks occurring during pregnancy? Fleck, which is similar to menstruation, happens as the process of embryo implantation. It is the implantation of ovum in the uterine wall. It makes the lining of uterus releases blood. Fleck also occurs due to the softening of the cervix. Softening of the cervix contains many blood vessels. Hormonal influences during menstruation also cause flecks. 

Fleck frequently occurs in the third month of pregnancy. The duration is approximately one to two days. Abnormal bleeding can lead to interruption of pregnancy. And bleeding preceded by cramps may result in miscarriage. This bleeding is accompanied by the release of fetus clot.

A cold sweat is another sign of bleeding. Sweat will be accompanied by nausea. If ignored, Mommy will experience fainting. Immediately rest until the bleeding stops. Avoid physical activity that is too heavy and do not perform sexual intercourse. Consumption of drugs from the doctor on a regular basis will also help. Remember! Flecks are very dangerous in case of complications. Immediately consult the doctor in case of severe bleeding. This often happens because of increased blood flow.

Beware if the mucus is thick and yellowish. Usually Mommy feels the heat and itching in the vagina. In essence, Mommy should not be too tired. Plenty of rest is the key. Avoid the use of drugs that are not clear. Consume nutritious foods, do not smoke and drink alcohol. Check the pregnancy regularly to the doctor. 

There are several ways that Mommy can do. 

First, use pads that are safe and comfortable. Second, clean the vagina. Use warm water. If you need to use a special soap, avoid soaps that contain perfumes. The content of the perfume can worsen the infection. Use the cotton trousers because cotton is very comfortable and light to wear. Avoid excessive stress or mind. It's good for Mommy to relax while pregnant. Enjoy the fresh air in the morning so that pregnancy disorders can be avoided