Learn more about Fertility Test Packs

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Lebih Jauh Mengenal Test Pack Kesuburan

Test pack is a term often used to refer to the tool to test a woman's pregnancy. However, basically there are two kinds of test packs. The first is a test pack used to determine whether someone is pregnant or not. The second is a fertility test pack used to determine the fertility or the fertile period of a woman.

At the moment, there is a tool that can measure the level of fertility of women by their ovulation period with a tool similar to a pregnancy test pack. By doing so, women will be easier to know when they are ovulating, making it easier for those who are trying to conceive.

What is a Fertility Test Pack?

Unlike the pregnancy test pack which measures the levels of hCG in women to determine the formation of the embryo in the uterus of women, fertility test pack is a tool that measures the levels of LH hormone in women.

Increased hormone LH in women indicates that the women are in a time of ovulation as a sign that the woman is in the most fertile position for reproduction. 

Like a pregnancy test, the fertility test pack also uses the urine. After waiting for five minutes, Mommy can check whether the result is positive or negative. 

In general, a positive sign is a sign that Mommy is in ovulation period, and in a period of reproductive fertility. On the contrary, a negative sign means that Mommy is not in a period of reproductive fertility.

One of the advantages that can be drawn from the fertility test pack is regarding the price which is not too expensive. Additionally, the fertility test pack has a fairly high degree of accuracy in general, ranges from 90% to 95% accuracy which indicates that the tool can be very helpful and trustworthy. However, the disadvantage if this tool is that it can only be used once. After that, Mommy should throw it away and buy a new one. 

Accuracy Levels

One of the most accurate fertility test packs available in the market today is Fertitest. In addition to the affordability and user-friendliness, this fertility test pack is popular among similar products regarding its high level of accuracy. 

Besides, the fertility test kit Ovutest is also one of the test pack tool which is quite popular because it has a fairly high degree of accuracy. Ovutest is also quite popular among the women due to their competitive product prices and affordability in the marketplace.