Games that stimulate children's motor skills

Written by: Redaksi

Permainan-permainan yang Merangsang Motorik Anak

As parents, educating children and concerning about the children’s growth have been a main priority. In regard to this, there are many considerations that Mommy needs to be aware of.

One of the considerations is regarding the development of the child’s motor skills. What is the meaning of child’s motor development?

Importance of Training Motor Skills

As the name implies, motor skill development is related to how the child grows and coordinates the body for the activity. On its own category, there are two types of motor development, namely gross motor development and fine motor development.

The gross motor skills include tiptoe, jump, hang, and also maintain a balance. The fine motor skills include touch, hold, shake hands, and similar activities. So what can be done to stimulate the motor skills?

Here are a few ideas using some toys that can stimulate motor skill development which may be a good solution.

Kinds of Toys

In the market, there are some toys which can stimulate the child's motor development. In this case, it is necessary for Mommy to choose the most appropriate one for the child.

The first choice of toys if Mommy has a girl, is cooking toys. Of course it's a natural thing that cooking toys will stimulate the child’s motor skills. The objective is to facilitate Mommy’s girl to imagine and use all parts of the toys with her hands.

However, please note that cooking toys tend to use plastic materials which often have side effects on the health of children. Therefore, make sure to choose toys that are not dangerous at all.

The second choice of toys that can be given to Mommy’s child to stimulate the motor skills is toy cars for boys and dolls for girls.

Boys certainly have an interest to play toy cars. In this case, Mommy should know the materials of toy cars which are not harmful for the boys. Also consider about the size, since children of early age are not recommended to be given toy cars with small size due to the risk of being swallowed..

When selecting dolls, the size and material are the major consideration due to the health factor. Mommy has to find out the things to consider in choosing the most appropriate toy that may stimulate the child’s motor development and also the child’s education.


The security factor must become the major consideration. The second consideration is regarding the child’s age. Durability is also one of the considerations indeed. Mommy should be more careful in buying toys that stimulate the motor development and overall growth and development of the child.