Getting to Know More about Vitro Fertilization Program

Written by: Redaksi

Program Bayi Tabung: Solusi Lain Untuk Memiliki Anak

When a baby has never come to the marriage life of a couple, the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the solutions that can be taken to have children. IVF is the alternative process of fertilization. The ovum is taken from mommy and the sperm is injected into it. This is conducted so that fertilization occurs. It means, when fertilization occurs, pregnancy can come to pass after a fertilized ovum is injected back into the womb and it will develop into a baby.

In this program, the ovaries are stimulated in the first place so that mommy has a lot of ovum in the uterus, so the ovum will be easily generated. IVF is conducted outside the womb, so it is not like artificial insemination or that IU should inject the sperm into the uterus.

While fertilization which is carried out in the cup, is usually kept for 3-5 days. Once embryos are formed, then IVF is done. Some embryos are placed into the catheter and then injected into the uterus, while the other embryos are frozenly stored. .

This program is carried out with a total anesthetize to the prospective mother but does not use mechanical ventilation in the throat. Mommies who want to do the IVF do not need to worry because the process of making and injecting ovum is pretty fast, so it is easy to do.

There are several reasons why this program is conducted. First, because of poor sperm quality, sperm is not able to swim toward the ovum. With the support of this program, pregnancy may occur. IVF is also very useful when there are problems with fertility. With this program, doctors can also find abnormalities in the fetus. So, the doctor will perform Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to examine the embryo and can also be used to find abnormalities, such as Down Syndrome.

But, there are some drawbacks of IVF. One of which is that the cost is quite expensive. To be eligible for this program, mommy should provide around 40 to 70 million rupiahs. But although it is expensive, this program is considered as a very effective program. The program can be the right solution for the mommy who wants to have children.