Getting to Know the Function of Amniotic Fluids

Written by: Taufiq

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Perhaps, there are many mommies who do not know the function of the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid is very important for the fetus. The function of the amniotic fluid is similar with an air bag, which provides comfort and protection and protects the fetus from the collision. By doing so, the condition of the fetus will be safe and comfortable.

Through amniotic fluid, substances such as oxygen and food are distributed to the fetus. Amniotic fluid also provides protection to the fetus from viruses and bacteria, because the water has a special substance which becomes the immune of the amniotic fluids itself.

The formation and growth of the fetal lungs are also affected by the stimulation of amniotic fluid. In addition, the amniotic fluid also helps detect the development and health of the fetus in the stomach. If the amniotic fluid is broken, then mommy should immediately take the examination because if the water membranes have been ruptured before proper age of birth, the baby will be born prematurely. Even if it broke below the age of 5 months, the fetus can die. This is because the fetus is no longer protected by the amniotic fluid.