Healthy Eating Habits While Preparing a Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Pola Makan yang Baik Saat Persiapan Kehamilan

Pregnancy preparation is very important for couples who want a baby. There are a lot of things to be prepared in terms of material, mental, health, and also eating habit. Those things are very important because pregnancy is the most desirable moment before the baby is already in Mommy’s arms. 

Eating habit is the most important thing if Mommy wants to have a baby. However, in reality, this is often overlooked by many women who want to or are pregnant.

Mommy should know about how to prepare for pregnancy because the healthy pregnancy will give good impacts on Mommy and also the fetus. Before pregnancy, Mommy needs to improve the condition of her body as this will affect the quality of the ovary. A good diet should be implemented so that the ovaries can get the nutrients needed, and will certainly make the ovaries have more quality.

Healthy Foods

To get the best quality ovaries and healthy pregnancy, then the mother should pay attention to the eating habits ahead of time before finally notice that she is pregnant. Consuming healthy foods before pregnancy will give a positive effect for women or mother-to-be. 

There are some foods that must be consumed in order to get a lot of good nutrition for the ovaries. Good foods are foods that contain folic acid. We often see from the commercials of special milk for pregnant women promoting folic acid content. 

Well, from that commercial we get the knowledge that folic acid is very beneficial for expectant mothers to get best quality ovaries. Folic acid requirement for women who want to get pregnant is 400 micrograms per day. Folic acid can be obtained from a variety of foods such as egg yolks, nuts, green vegetables, and also citrus fruits.

Milk and Vitamins

The consumption of milk and vitamins for pregnancy are highly recommended for women who are really expecting pregnancies. These nutrients are part of promoting pregnancy program for women. The nutrition contained in the milk and vitamins are very useful for Mommy’s fertility. 

Another useful vitamin is Vitamin E. As we know that many doctors will give fertilizer in the form of vitamins which has high level of Vitamin E. 

Consumption of honey is also important because it contains amino acids and minerals which are so good for ovarian function. Well, it is very important for women to pay attention to nutrition in pregnancy in order to make the high quality ovaries and ultimately increase the chance of getting pregnant.