Healthy Foods for Pregnancy Preparation

Written by: Redaksi

Rekomendasi Makanan Sehat untuk Ibu Hamil

Pay attention to complete healthy nutrition is a part of the pregnancy nutrients preparation that is required by pregnant women. Good and healthy food and nutrition are not only required by the mother during pregnancy, but also required afterwards.

This is necessary for both the mother and the fetus, to avoid problems during pregnancy. Other healthy nutrient intake goal is to maintain the health, growth, development of fetus, and make better breastfeeding.

There are many types of nutrients which are very good for pregnant women and one of them is special milk for pregnant women. Good milk does not mean from famous brand and expensive, but with a complete nutrition. These nutrients are needed by pregnant women.

Milk is good for pregnant women

In addition to being one type of foods which are good for pregnant women, milk for pregnancy is a special milk that acts as a complement of food which is consumed during pregnancy. Pregnant women need more protein which is about 72 grams per day. And milk for pregnancy has a high protein content and quality.

The purpose of the pregnancy quality milk as it is often shown in advertisements that pregnancy milk is not only rich in protein. Quality pregnancy milk is also rich in 8 types of amino acids of a total 20 types of amino acids. Milk with these new substances can be regarded as good milk for pregnant women.

Benefits of Pregnancy Milk

A series of other substances which need to be contained in a glass of pregnancy milk is folic acid, DHA, and AA. The three types of this substance are needed by pregnant women in order to assist the formation of the organs of the fetus, prevention of disability in the fetus, and help the formation of brain tissue in the fetus.

Seen from the number of benefits, it is proven that pregnancy milk has crucial role in pregnancy and not just a myth. The fact validity is proven. When compared with pregnant women who has less milk intake, the risk of birth defects or even unhealthy relatively large.

In order to meet all the nutritional needs of pregnant women perfectly, it is better if the expectant mother also routinely consumes other healthy foods. Fruit, vegetables, grains, eggs, fish, and red meat are highly recommended foods by the obstetrician to help the growth and development of the fetus in the womb. The pregnancy women may process the food ingredients as they like. Such fruits and vegetables can be processed along and at the same time becomes fruit salad and fresh vegetables salad.