Tips for Managing 1st Trimester Maternal Symptoms

Written by: Redaksi

Kehamilan Trimester 1: Tips Mengatasi Keluhan Ibu Hamil

Knowing that Mommy is pregnant would be very pleasant news for Mommy and also for the family. Pregnancy has become the significant gift from God. Combined with the desire of having grandchildren for Mommy’s parents immediately is a big motivation for Mommy to always maintain the health of the fetus in the womb.  

Happiness, mixed with curiosity, worry, and confusion. Those feelings have become natural to occur in early stages of pregnancy or in the first trimester. However, if these feelings get worse, they can be harmful to the developing fetus in the first trimester in the womb.

At this period, the fetus will begin to grow from an ovum which had previously been fertilized into an embryo which will continue to grow. This requires more attention since this is the development stage of the fetus to be able to grow healthily. In order to stay healthy in this pregnancy stage, the following tips are recommended : 

Dealing with Morning Sickness Symptom

The first is morning sickness symptom which is a natural case for every mother who is pregnant. Actually this phenomenon is a process of adaptation that occurs in the body. At first, the hormone progesterone is produced only in small amounts. In early days of pregnancy, these hormones will be produced in a higher quantity to support the 9 months of pregnancy.

Morning sickness symptom is often characterized by excessive feelings of nausea in the stomach, so it makes Mommy always want to vomit. If Mommy is experiencing morning sickness, it doesn’t have any correlation with reducing the weight. To deal with this problem, it is necessary for Mommy to eat frequently in a small portion. This aims at avoiding the nausea that often occurs. Another important thing is to eat foods containing a lot of nutrition and always think positively.

Dealing with the Emotional and Physical Changes 

Furthermore, another common problem during pregnancy is emotional and physical changes. Emotional change is very reasonable to occur in the first trimester of pregnancy because Mommy often feels emotional at this stage. To make the emotion stays positive during pregnancy is a lot better than letting the emotions uncontrolled which will negatively impact the fetus in the womb.

Take a lot of rest to control the emotion and listen to relaxing music to chill out. The physical change which occurs is the breast enlargement resulting in the use of bra with larger size so that Mommy can breathe comfortably.