How to Get a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl

Written by: Amicis

Cara mendapatkan Bayi Laki-laki atau Perempuan

A child is a wonderful blessing for married couples. As humans, we never know whether the baby conceived is male or female, as we might have preferences on the sex of the baby if only we could determine it according to our wishes.

But according to some studies, there are several things to be done to increase the possibility of getting the sex of the baby in accordance with our wishes; it can be done by various efforts of the mother. 

If You Want a Baby Boy

If the mother and husband want a baby boy, here are the tips from the results of a study that mothers can do. First, the mother and husband need to do sexual intercourse one day before the ovulation, because at this time the chance of getting a baby boy is larger. Ovulation is the time of the release of an ovum from the mother's ovary. Another method is the mother can use two tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 1 liter of water and then wash into the vagina. Consume a lot of seafood and meat high in protein may also help this process. It is also advisable that the husband must burst the sperm as close to the cervix to accelerate the speed of gynosperm to fertilize the ovum.

If You Want a Baby Girl

If the mother and husband want a baby girl, here are the tips that the mothers can do. Do the sexual intercourse 2 until 3 days before ovulation. The next step, before doing the sexual intercourse, mother needs to wash the vagina with a tablespoon of vinegar. The use of vinegar is not dangerous, because the acid solution contained in vinegar is beneficial to paralyze the androsperm genes that contribute to forming a baby boy. Consuming more acidic foods such as yogurt, fruit with a sour taste, fresh vegetables and nuts can also help the process of getting a baby girl.