How to choose and use baby diapers without causing rashes

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Memilih dan Memakai Popok Bayi Tanpa Bikin Ruam

Baby diapers can be regarded as mandatory attire worn by babies, especially newborns. In addition to the comfort, baby diapers are widely used because they are easy to use and changed. However, if Mommy made mistakes in choosing or putting on the diapers, then the baby will feel uncomfortable and it will also cause health problems. 

Selecting the Correct Diapers

There are two types of baby diapers that Mommy can choose, the cloth diapers and the disposable diapers. For the sake of easiness of the baby care, disposable diapers might be an excellent option. 

However, Mommy should also know that all disposable diapers use certain chemicals namely sulfur dioxide or chlorine dioxide. These chemicals are required to make disposable diapers free of germs. So, when the baby's skin is sensitive, try not to use this type of diapers, because these chemicals can cause rashes and other allergic reactions.

When Mommy chooses cloth diapers, then Mommy needs to choose cloth diapers that have the right size and made of fabrics that can absorb sweat and have large pores allowing air to circulate.

This kind of diapers would make the baby more comfortable and easy to replace and clean. Mommy can create and sew her own cloth diapers if she wants to, so the baby will wear the diapers that seem more special. 

Tips of Changing Baby Diapers

To change the baby diapers, there are a few tips to put on the diapers that Mommy can use. 

The first is cleanliness. Before Mommy changes the diapers, make sure that the hands are hygienic, the new diaper is clean (especially for cloth diapers) and the changing area must also be clean. 

Lie the baby on the flat surface so it’s easier to change the diaper. Mommy can also use a table with some towels as the cover. 

While changing the diaper, make sure that the baby has finished urinating. It is not recommended that the baby is still defecating while Mommy is removing the old diaper. In addition to wasting a clean diaper, it may also cause skin rashes.

After that, clean the feces on the baby carefully. Rinse with water or baby soap if necessary, and dry with a tissue.

Make sure when Mommy is putting on a new diaper, the diaper is placed properly and in the right position, so that the baby will feel comfortable.

While changing a diaper, make sure the room feels comfortable. The lighting and the background music can be set or Mommy can also sing while changing the diaper and doing interaction with the baby. Thus, the baby will not be sulking and Mommy can change the diapers more easily.