Alert! Hypertension Lurks During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Waspada! Hipertensi Mengintai di Masa Kehamilan

Hypertension or commonly known as high blood pressure is a disease that haunts every pregnant woman. Hypertension or high blood pressure causes a variety of threats for pregnant women.

Threats caused by hypertension are very different if experienced by normal people or in a non-pregnant condition. Therefore, women are supposed to be cautious and aware of the threat of this disease. For this reason, when Mommy is already pregnant, it is necessary to maintain the condition of the body and blood pressure to remain within normal limits.

Dangers of Heart Disease

A study revealed that women who are otherwise healthy will develop heart disease later in life when experiencing hypertension during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnancy hypertension is very dangerous for Mommy. According to the study, it is stated that heart disease can be life threatening for Mommy later if there is a record of hypertension during pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant women are required not only to meet the nutritional needs of pregnancy, but also maintain their body condition including high blood pressure. If Mommy cannot control the rise in blood pressure, the threat in the future will be a nightmare.

In the medical world, hypertension that occurs during pregnancy can be divided into four types, namely, Chronic Hypertension, Gestational Hypertension, Pre-eclampsia Hypertension, and Superimposed Pre-eclampsia Hypertension. So, if Mommy feels the blood pressure rises during pregnancy, immediately check the condition to the obstetrician and make sure what type of hypertension that Mommy is suffering so that the obstetrician can decide on appropriate actions.

Controlling Blood Pressure

To avoid hypertension that occurs during pregnancy, one thing to remember is controlling the diet during pregnancy. Salinity and protein contents are highly needed by the body when Mommy is pregnant. However, if Mommy consumes both substances mommy too much, then Mommy will get hypertension during pregnancy. Both of these substances are substances which can trigger a rise in blood pressure during pregnancy. 

Therefore, the best thing which needs to be done during pregnancy is to consult the obstetrician or midwife and ask for the best diet for Mommy during pregnancy. Hypertension during pregnancy can be avoided with the proper diet and proper dose for protein and salt content to be absorbed by the body. So, do not let the happy times of pregnancy is obstructed by the threat of hypertension.