Causes of Irregular Menstruation and Conception Difficulty

Written by: Redaksi

Penyebab Haid Tidak Teratur yang Berdampak Sulit Hamil

There are many pregnancy disorders that need to be known by all Mommies. And one of these disorders is irregular menstrual cycles. Maybe all this time Mommy is often underestimate the menstrual cycle that comes irregularly. But if Mommy wants to have a baby then she should start to respond with things like this. Irregular periods can be caused by several things. And what Mommy must do is finding out the cause of Mommy’s irregular menstrual cycle. After finding the root cause, at least Mommy tries to find ways to make menstrual cycle back to normal.

Menstruation and pregnancy are two things that cannot be separated from one another. And therefore if Mommy is experiencing menstrual period disorders, it will also directly affect the occurrence of pregnancy. Eating healthy foods and exercising are two things that should always be taken into account because these two things are usually very involved in the menstrual cycle of a woman. Therefore, Mommy needs to apply healthy lifestyles if Mommy wants to get pregnant.

The first cause of irregular menstrual period is due to menopause. But mommy should not worry, because this will only occur in women who are older than fifty years. But for women at the age of forty years must have been very careful because these ages are approaching the age of menopause, which also make the menstruation becomes irregular. Therefore, women at that age have a very small probability to get pregnant.

The next cause of irregular menstrual period is a hormonal contraceptive. If Mommy has previously been using contraceptives such as birth control pills, injectables, as well as hormonal birth control, the possibility to experience irregular menstruation period is also quite large.

Body weight can apparently cause difficulties for woman to get pregnant. Too much weight or being too thin is very influential on one's menstrual cycle. For thin women, the menstrual cycle may not be smooth due to the lack of fat in the body which is one of the compounds that are used to produce hormones that affect the reproductive process.

Stress and excessive activity can also cause irregular menstruation. Conditions such as stress and fatigue are things that should be avoided because it will affect the condition of the body.

Therefore, start a healthy life, either through diet or through lifestyle. Then, the menstrual cycle will become normal and Mommy’s chances to get pregnant would be greater.