Testing for Signs of Pregnancy With a Test

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Menguji Tanda-Tanda Kehamilan Dengan Tes

The main purpose of the pregnancy test is to know the signs of pregnancy and ensure whether the Mommy is pregnant. Although this test is extremely important, there are many Mommies who are not familiar with this pregnancy test. 

A pregnancy test is one of the most accurate way to determine the certainty of pregnancy. How accurate are pregnancy tests? The pregnancy test has been proven 99% accurate. Then when should a pregnancy test is conducted? This is probably one of the questions frequently asked by mommies.

It should be understood that the pregnancy test is designed to detect the levels of hCG which  are produced by the body when Mommy is pregnant. Mommy's body may have been producing hCG before menstruation but is highly recommended to test on the morning of the first day of menstruation because at that time the pregnancy hormone hCG is usually at its highest level. This is intended to determine the results of the pregnancy signs accurately. 

There are several possibilities that may occur after this test. If it shows negative results, meaning the hCG levels are not high enough. The result shown may be positive but Can also results shown are positive but it is considered false which means it does not develop into a pregnancy. The hCG level test may also be an indicator of a spontaneous miscarriage.

Although the test pack is considered a properly valid tool to know the signs of pregnancy with the accuracy up to 99%, but in practice the test pack does not quite often provide a valid result. . This could happen possibly because of improper use of the test pack. In addition, there are some women who are pregnant but do not produce high level of hCG, so it should be checked in the lab first to identify that the mommy has already been pregnant for months.