Is it Necessary to Conduct a C-Section Delivery?

Written by: Amicis

Mengapa Harus Melahirkan dengan Operasi Caesar?

In the labor process, of course, there is no certainty that all the things will run as expected. Various disorders may arise in line with the process. Sometimes these disorders may inhibit Mommy to give a normal birth. 

For example, if Mommy is having problem such as the breech position of the baby, of course it is risky if delivered vaginally. Usually, a team of doctors will decide for immediate delivery through Caesarean section.

Surgical Techniques

Using techniques with Caesarean section delivery is through surgical techniques performed in order to pull out the baby from the uterus through the abdomen instead of the vagina.

Actually there are many other reasons apart from the breech regarding why Mommy needs to perform a Caesarean section as a labor process option. Another reason is the inhibition of the birth canal because the placenta is blocked, the bleeding before birth, maternal hypertension, and others.

Of course, in deciding to undergo a Caesarean section, Mommy should really pay attention to certain things. The most important thing is to know clearly the existing types of Caesarean section. The first is the type of emergency Caesarean section.

As the name implies, this type of operation is performed during emergency conditions. An emergency Caesarean section is carried out under certain circumstances where the normal delivery techniques are facing difficulties to proceed. 

The most frequent reason for an emergency Caesarean section is performed because the labor process is stuck, and also there is a stress and complication on the fetus, such as prolapsed cord, bleeding, and severe fetal stress.

The second type of C-section surgery is elective C-section labor process. It means that the operation has been planned in advance. The reason to plan this operation is considering the safety aspects of mother and the baby. 

Important Factors

There are several factors that Mommy may consider in order to carry out an elective Caesarean section:

The first is the condition of the fetus in breech presentation which will be difficult if using the normal childbirth techniques.

The second is a twin pregnancy. Of course, the procession of giving birth to twins is at risk of getting into trouble. In this case, Mommy needs to consider to perform an elective Caesarean section. 

Third, because the condition of the placenta is located below the cervix. If Mommy has this condition, an elective Caesarean section will be an option. 

Fourth, when the mother's health condition does not allow to perform normal childbirth techniques. 

The next thing that needs to be considered in performing a Caesarean section is to select the type of anesthesia before performing the Caesarean section. There are two types of anesthesia which are commonly used:

The first is regional anesthesia which is performed on the spinal area. At this anesthesia, the mother can still be aware of the labor process, not feeling anything from the abdomen to the feet.

The second type of anesthesia is general anesthesia that makes the mother totally unconscious. Please consult the doctor beforehand regarding the most appropriate type of anesthesia.