Is it true that ice water speeds up fetal development?

Written by: Redaksi

Benarkah Air Es Mempercepat Perkembangan Janin?

cold water causes the bigger baby. Is this a pregnancy fact or a myth?

During pregnancy, most prospective mommies experience the outstanding increase of hormone production. This increase often makes the body temperature rise and make mommy easily feels hot. During this condition, Mommy usually likes to drink cold water. But apparently this does not affect the fetal development. There is no relationship between drinking cold water during pregnancy with the size of babies in the womb. But that does not mean that mommy can always drink cold water. Cold water makes more combustion needed. The body temperature rises when consuming cold water. So mommy gets tired easily, whereas the body is getting heavier.

However, there are facts of pregnant women habits which trigger the fetus enlargement. When pregnant, mommy usually likes to drink cold syrup or high-calorie ice cream. This is due to the rapid development of the fetus. This is dangerous because mommy could be at risk of diabetes and affects the baby in the womb.

So it is clear now. Babies are not getting bigger because mommy drinks cold water. Baby size is getting bigger because mommy often consumes sugary drinks such as iced syrup or ice cream. It is the sugar content that makes baby get bigger. Therefore, minimize consuming foods that contain sugar so that the growth and development of the fetus is not affected.