Is Menstruation Delay One of Pregnancy Signs? Try to Know Why

Written by: Redaksi

Kenali Telat Haid Sebagai Salah Satu Ciri-Ciri Kehamilan

One of the pregnancy signs that Mommy certainly recognize is menstruation delay. This is considered as general characteristics that have become a benchmark whether a woman is pregnant. If a woman has menstruation delay for only couple of weeks, the woman will immediately buy a test pack and do the pregnancy test with that pack. So it commonly known that pregnancy delay is one sign that will trigger a woman do the pregnancy test since menstruation is a condition that is directly related to the woman's reproductive organs.

What Mommy needs to know is if the menstruation delay is not the only pregnancy sign, and could possibly be other symptoms of something else. The validity of this pregnancy sign is indeed increasingly doubtful from time to time, because most modern women have irregular menstrual cycles due to lifestyle. So if Mommy has menstruation delay, don’t make careless decision and immediately see the ob/gyn. Especially if Mommy has already knows that Mommy normally has irregular menstrual cycles.

Why is menstruation delay considered as one of the pregnancy signs? To learn about this matter, Mommy needs to know how the menstruation occurs. Menstruation itself is a physiological change in the body of a woman who happens periodically. This is influenced by reproductive hormones that Mommy has, both estrogen and progesterone. Does Mommy know if the fetus comes from fertilization that occurs between the ovum and the sperm?

Well, the ovum is produced in the ovaries and then will be attached to the uterine wall, waiting to be fertilized by sperm. And when the ovum is mature, the uterine wall becomes thicker to prepare for the development of the embryo if the ovum is successfully fertilized. Thickening of the uterine wall is due to the increasing production of progesterone.

But the ovum has a grace period. And if not immediately fertilized, the ovum that still attached to the uterine wall will be weak and eventually die. At this moment, the ovum will carry the thickened uterine wall out of the body and cause some blood, which is called menstruation. If this happens, there is only little chance or even impossible for Mommy to get pregnant during this period. 

One thing to remember is that menstruation delay does not always guarantee a pregnancy sign, since it may have other causes as well.