Is Milk Important for Children?

Written by: Redaksi

Bu, Pahami Manfaat Minum Susu Untuk Buah Hati Yuk

More and more people understand about the nutritional needs that must be completed. If Mommy wants to complete the child’s nutrition, Mommy must initially learn about what should be given to the child. 

Of course the easiest consideration is about the healthy foods that must be completed. Milk is certainly not to be forgotten. So what exactly is the function of milk for the child?

The Benefits of Milk 

As parents, Mommy needs to know about this thing. The common benefit of milk is surely to cover the nutritional needs in the form of calcium. During the growth period, providing milk in a regular basis is certainly necessary. 

To prevent from some existing problems, there are some tips that Mommy use to provide milk, especially giving infant formula to the baby. 

Tips on Providing Infant Formula

When Mommy is thinking about how to provide the best formula for the child, the first tips that Mommy can use is by paying attention to which formula suitable for the age of the child or baby. 

There are many Mommies who mistakenly choose the formula based on age. Wrong infant formula that does not correspond to the age will make the baby has digestion problem. 

The second tips in giving the infant formula for the baby is by considering the dosage for the baby. Basically, diluted infant formula makes the baby easily get hungry. Mommy should understand about this matter. 

The next tips that Mommy should consider in giving the infant formula for the baby is by concerning about the cleanliness of the infant milk. Make sure to clean the milk bottles used to give the infant formula to the baby. If necessary, boil the container or bottles used to give the infant formula to eliminate the bacteria and germs existing in the bottle. 

Another tips to consider is by avoiding the scheduled infants formula consumption. Mommy needs to know that the baby may decide when he needs to drink the milk. So basically let him determine his own schedule of drinking the infant formula. 

The following tips is by considering the communication factor while Mommy is gibing the infant formula to the baby. Make sure Mommy is giving the formula in the same way as breastfeeding. Try to communicate with the baby while giving the infant formula. 

One more important tips to consider if Mommy wants to give infant formula is by paying attention to the moment that Mommy is giving the infant formula as the child nutrition. Make sure that the bottle is in a position that fits comfortably for the baby to drink.