Is Telon Oil Really Dangerous for The Baby?

Written by: Redaksi

Benarkah Minyak Telon Dapat Berbahaya Bagi Bayi?

For all parents, of course, there are many things that must be considered with regard to the health of the baby. One thing that should be considered is about how to choose a baby hygiene products.

Telon oil is one of the products that are often found in series of baby products. But what are the ingredients in telon oil?

The Function of Telon Oil

All Mommies have to know what the function of telon oil is. As the name implies, telon oil has three compositions: Cajuput oil, Coconut oil, and fennel oil.

The main function of telon oil for the baby is to provide a warm sensation in the baby’s body, especially when the weather is cold or after bath.

In addition to the benefits of telon oil, are there any adverse effects that can telon oil cause to the baby? That is the question that are frequently asked by from Mommies. 

The Risk of Usage

There are several things that can be taken into Mommy’s consideration in the use of telon oil in the baby. If what discussed is about the dangers of the telon oil use, then the recurring case is a respiratory problem which is experienced by the baby.

Respiratory disorder is caused by the aroma of the telon oil, especially if the oil contains dangerous chemicals that risk the health of the baby. Maybe certain telon oil aroma doesn’t impact badly for Mommy, but Mommy wouldn’t know how the baby is feeling, right?

Excessive use of telon oil to do baby massage is certainly not recommended. Moreover, when Mommy does not have any experience in giving baby massage. This will only make the baby suffer injuries at the internal organs.

Many Mommies are reckless on giving baby massage, and actually made the baby feels uncomfortable. It is hard to tell if the baby feels pain, because the baby could not communicate but crying. It has been discussed previously on baby bathing tips

Choosing Carefully

Before applying the telon oil to the baby, Mommy needs to consider how to choose a good telon oil.

The first consideration is the brand of the telon oil. It is a common that telon oil with leading brand will certainly give the best quality. But the famous brand will make Mommy has to spend more money to buy it.

Second tips is about the ingredients. Make sure that Mommy reads about the ingredients contained in the telon oil before use. If necessary, choose telon oil which has no hazardous materials or chemicals that are harmful to health, especially