The Importance of the TORCH Test for a Healthy Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Pentingnya Test TORCH untuk Menjaga Kehamilan Sehat

Mommies who frequently consult their pregnancy are certainly familiar with TORCH test. This test is important to completely identify any dangerous parasite in mommy’s body. Parasites developing in the body can harm the growth of the fetus and of course will also impair the healthy pregnancy that mommy has always wanted.

There are four types of parasitic infections in pregnant women, such as Toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes. All of them are types of health problems that are harmful to the fetus because it may cause to miscarriage. 

TORCH examination is immunologically been applied by experts and managed to deliver some significant benefits. By conducting the test, full information about the presence of parasites can be known from the beginning. Thus, the mother and fetus will be able to remain in a healthy condition until labor. TORCH examination is necessary to be conducted if mommy wants a healthy pregnancy. 

Dr. Indra N.C. Anwar, SpOG, the Specialist from Lotus Facility Clinic said that the test should be experienced by pregnant women, especially for mommy who often interact with pets. There are a lot of parasites that can be transmitted from pets. According to him, the growing parasites can cause miscarriage.

The risk of death in infants is commonly due to the parasite. Fortunately there are some women who have a strong immunity against parasites that come from animals. Some of the pregnant women who have a strong immune system had actually been doing therapeutic immunization against the parasite prior to the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman is strongly advised to perform TORCH test although mommy feels healthy. This is obviously because the parasite in the body of pregnant women will not be active immediately, but will be active sometime later.

Do not wait the parasites to react and create a new problem. If the parasites are already spread throughout the body, then it will be difficult to eliminate these parasites. A mother who does not perform a TORCH test will have a big chance of having a baby with birth defects because she does not know there are some dangerous parasites in the body. 

When do we have to do a TORCH test? The time suggested by Dr. Indra is during the first trimester of pregnancy. By conducting this test, mommy can prevent the birth defects in the womb early and could ensure the mommy get a healthy pregnancy.