Things Not to Do After Childhood Vaccinations

Written by: Redaksi

Hal yang Tidak Boleh Dilakukan Setelah Vaksin Anak

It is obvious that children's health is being a priority to all parents today. There are many ways that can be done to maintain the health of the children against various diseases that can threaten the health of the children. One of the best ways is to perform early vaccination in children.

The Importance of Vaccination for Children

Although few parents still ignore the importance of vaccination, in fact, vaccination is surely needed by the child to prevent various diseases that can threaten the health and even lives.

But Mommy must know what kind of vaccinations which are required by the child. In this article, there are several types of vaccinations that can be used as a reference for all Mommies especially who have no knowledge at all about the vaccination.

Different Types of Vaccination

If the topic of conversation here is about the vaccination of children, there are some compulsory vaccinations should be given to children. The first is the BCG vaccination. Certainly there is a reason why vaccination for a child it is badly needed. 

The main reason is because the vaccination is significantly useful in providing endurance and also boosts the immune system. This vaccine is also proven effective in preventing TB disease. That's why Mommy needs to significantly consider when it is appropriate to provide BCG vaccination.

For Mommy who hasn’t got the knowledge, the most appropriate time to give BCG vaccination is before the child enters the age of two months. This vaccination is only given once, so it will not have difficulty in giving the vaccination.

The second type of vaccination is measles vaccination. It is obvious by hearing the name of the vaccine, Mommy already knew what the main benefit is. This vaccine works to prevent children from measles which attacks once in a lifetime. Measles can be said to be lethal if being ignored.

Regarding the appropriate time to provide measles vaccinations, mommy can give this vaccine when the baby is 9 months old. This is the minimum age in which Mommy can provide measles vaccinations, meaning that more than 9 months are also permitted to get the vaccinations.

The next type of mandatory vaccination is polio vaccination. Of course, this is one of the compulsory vaccinations to be given to the baby. The aim is to avoid polio.

When Mommy doesn’t give polio vaccinations to children from an early age, the baby will be at risk of developing the disease, which could be at risk also for paralysis caused by the disease.

In general, Mommy has been able to provide polio vaccines after child birth. But Mommy needs to provide more of the vaccines when the child reaches the age of 2, 4, 6, 15 months and 5 years. It is certain that children’s health is number 1, isn’t it?