Knowing the Function of Amniotic Water

Written by: Redaksi

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Maybe a lot of mommy who do not know the function of amniotic fluid . Amniotic fluid is very important for the fetus . Amniotic fluid functions similar to the air bag , that provides protection and comfort as well as protect the fetus from the clash . So the condition of the fetus will be safe and comfortable .

Through liquor , nutrients such as oxygen and food are channeled to the fetus . Amniotic fluid also provides protection to the fetus from viruses and bacteria , because the amniotic fluid has a specific substance which is immune liquor itself.

The formation and growth of fetal lungs are also affected by stimulus amniotic fluid . Moreover, amniotic fluid also helps detect fetal development and health in the stomach . If the rupture then mommy should immediately conduct inspections because when amniotic fluid is broken before the age of birth , then the baby will be born prematurely . Even if it breaks under the age of 5 months the fetus will die . This is because the fetus is not yet protected by the amniotic fluid .

Then why liquor can break? Liquor can rupture because of too much mommy doing a variety of activities such as lifting heavy objects , working too tired , and road distances.

So be careful if mommy felt fluid out of the vagina . It could be a breach of the amniotic fluid . Handling is best to see a doctor immediately because it would be very dangerous if it is too much amniotic fluid that comes out .