Knowing Your Pregnancy Characteristics

Written by: Redaksi

Benarkah Ciri Hamil Anak Perempuan Bisa Dilihat dari Pusar?

Maybe Mommy should know the characteristics of a pregnancy as early as possible in order to prepare for the arrival of the baby from the beginning. Besides, it can also make the baby born in a healthy condition later and fit for the provision of proper nutrition.

Here are the pregnancy characteristics that Mommy needs to know.

Swelling Breast and Fatigue

Pregnancy at a young age can be seen from the swelling breast. The enlargement of breast size that Mommy has in sudden is one the sign that mommy is pregnant.

In addition, enlargement of the breast is also usually accompanied by pain as a result of increased levels of hormones in the body of a pregnant woman. If Mommy finds this kind of sign, Mommy should immediately do prior arrangements, like buy milk for pregnant women which contain the proper nutrients needed by pregnant women. As a result, the fertility and safety of Mommy’s early pregnancy would be guaranteed.

Another pregnancy sign that Mommy should note is that Mommy is easier to feel tired and fatigue. The stamina of the people who are pregnant usually will go down and cannot work with the same performance as before. Therefore, if Mommy often performs heavy household activities such as washing and other household chores, it is preferably that Mommy should reduce those activities during pregnancy.

Feeling tired and fatigue easily happens due to the increased levels of the progesterone hormone that makes mothers become more sleepy than usual. In the pregnancy period, it would be nice if the woman has more rest than doing much activity. If it is necessary, Mommy can hire the maid service to take care of all the household activity during pregnancy.


The pregnancy signs can also be shown through the spotting or bleeding during pregnancy that occurs in some women. This bleeding occurs for approximately 11 to 12 days after fertilization. This happens because the fertilized ovum is being attached into the uterine wall that has a lot of blood which leads to bleeding in the woman.

This bleeding doesn’t happen for long and only in a small amount. The blood stain that will appear later is usually pink or red. Some women experience this bleeding within a relatively short time, like one or two days. In this period, it would be nice if Mommy starts to consult a doctor.