Calculator to Calculate Women's Fertility Period

Written by: Redaksi

Kalkulator untuk Menghitung Masa Subur Wanita

Women have a period called 'fertile' and 'infertile'. This gives a significant influence on the process of pregnancy. According to the theory, the sexual intercourse during the fertile period of a woman will increase the possibility of being pregnant, because at that time the ovum is ready and active to be fertilized by sperm.

Calculating with Fertility Calculator 

One of the calculation methods of the fertile period of a woman is by using a fertility calculator. This calculator uses the menstrual cycle as the main ingredient. Today, fertility calculator can be found easily on the internet. A number of articles and websites discussing calculation of fertile period usually include a fertility calculator which can be used directly by the user, free of charge.

Things that you need to know before using the fertility calculator are as follows: 

The first day at the last menstrual period. For example the last menstrual period is May 1 to 7, then May 1 will be inserted in the fertility calculator. 

Menstrual interval; or can be referred to common interval between one menstrual period with another. The intervals which are often experienced by most women are from 28 to 31 days.

Menstrual period, or the period of having menstruation for women. Generally, women experience menstrual period of 5-7 days; though some women may experience a bit less or more than that. If the menstrual period is irregular, find the average period which occurs frequently. 

Once the data is available, Mommy can directly input into the calculator. The calculation results can be seen shortly afterwards.

The fertility calculator will result in the following matters:

Fertile period : the best period to have a sexual intercourse with a high percentage of success. There will be a period when the possibility of being pregnant after intercourse is very high. 

The conception of specific sex of the baby : the period which allows Mommy to have a high percentage of conceiving a baby boy than a baby girl, or vice versa. 

Period with a lower conception rate.

Ovulation period : the period when the ovum is ready to be fertilized by the sperm.

Preparing the Pregnancy with the Fertility Calculator

With the information obtained from the result of fertility calculator, the couple will be able to calculate the pregnancy period, as well as the planning and preparation for pregnancy better. They can estimate when the pregnancy possibly occurs as well as guess the sex of the baby at the same time.

The result of the calculator facilitates couples to schedule their sexual intercourse, leading to the pregnancy of the wife. Specifically for the woman, this calculation result can help her prepare the pregnancy period by maintaining her health.