White Discharge During Pregnancy, Normal? Find Out More

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Keputihan Saat Hamil, Wajar? Yuk Cari Tahu Lebih Lengkap

Pregnant times are times of great fun for almost all normal women. Although there are many obstacles that are sometimes bothersome, but enjoying the presence of the love that continues to grow in the womb makes the discomfort turn into a very deep sense of love.

However, if there are some wide varieties of healthy disorders during pregnancy such as leucorrhea that has not been experienced by Mommy before, is it normal and natural? Identify both types of discharge that are happening to Mommy. 

The Irritating Leucorrhea 

Hormonal changes and basal temperature in pregnant women often lead to various changes that are sometimes a little difficult to be accepted by pregnant women. Why is that? Actually there are a few things such as darkened neck, darkening armpit is a natural thing, but because of fear of excessive physical changes make it all seem creepy.

How about leucorrhea? There are many kinds of leucorrhea, some are caused by fungus or disease, and some are due to the hormones at a time before menstruation or fertility period.

But what if the leucorrhea exists during pregnancy? Is it normal? Leucorrhea during pregnancy is considered normal if it is not itchy and odorless, but if it is too much and has unpleasant smell then Mommy should immediately consult the doctor or midwife.

Leucorrhea is caused by hormonal changes in pH and due to the conditions of the pregnant woman. Although it is commonly experienced by pregnant women, conduct the check up immediately and do not use any medication without the knowledge of the doctors and midwives since it may give bad impact on the fetus. 

How to Overcome Leucorrhea

If leucorrhea during pregnancy is unavoidable, there are some ways to minimize the amount of mucus from the vagina. The first is to use underwear that is clean, dry and made of cotton that can absorb sweat there. Do not scratch the itchy parts, wash it with clean water and non-perfumed soap. 

If Mommy has completed the daily activities, then Mommy may compress the sex organs using ice cubes. Don’t put the cubes inside, only for external part. Although the body feels tired and Mommy used to shower with warm water, try not to do this habit as long as Mommy still has the discharge. 

There are several bacteria and fungi that actually grow and multiply when the body is splashed by warm water. Additionally, clean and make sure that Mommy’s sex organs are dry as often as possible so that inhibits the growth of fungi that cause vaginal discharge.