Mental Training before Child Birth

Written by: Redaksi

Tahap Pembukaan saat Melahirkan, Apa Saja Tanda-Tandanya?

Pregnancy is a blessing for pregnant Mommy, expectant fathers, and all the families of the baby. Not all women are given equal opportunity to have children; therefore, a pregnant woman should feel grateful for her pregnancy.

Being a good mother is not started by the time the baby is born, but since the fetus grows and develops in the mother's womb. Pregnant women must often ask the baby to communicate and show affection through a gentle touch on the belly. 

According to the experts, the baby has to understand compassion and communication which are provided by the mother through gentle touch and communication stimulus which are devoted to him. Stimulus is also influenced by the level of intelligence and personality of the baby. So for Mommy who is pregnant, she may apply it to the baby.

After giving attention to the baby, then how does a mother prepare for the child birth? 

Special Preparations

Well, for Mommy who will soon be welcoming the birth of the beloved baby, it is good to follow a few tips on healthy pregnancy. It is for exercise during pregnancy to prepare the fitness to face the process of birth. It is also beneficial for mental training ahead of delivery. Mommy can follow pregnancy exercise program to regulate breathing, improve fitness, train the pelvic muscles before delivery, and improve Mommy’s mental before delivery.

Pregnancy workouts are highly recommended, especially for Mommy entering the third trimester of pregnancy. These workouts are also good for Mommy to avoid back pain and pain in the pelvis, excessive anxiety, or too frequent urination. In addition, Mommy must also consider nutrition for Mommy and the baby, and do not forget to consult the obstetrician regularly.

Mental Training

Mommy must train the mental condition especially entering the third trimester of pregnancy. Mental training is also needed for first-time pregnant Mommy.  There are often many women who feel frightened before the delivery. On average, they fear of pain, fear when the baby is born will not survive, fear of loss of life, feel embarrass to face medical team in the delivery room, and so on.

Mommy should get rid of this feeling through mental exercise. Mommy must learn to express feelings of anxiety that Mommy feel to the husband, the obstetrician, and those nearby. It is advised to follow a course that is specially prepared for the mental training before delivery.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen Mommy’s mental condition is to imagine a little face that Mommy is looking forward to hold in her arms. The desire to see and touch a baby who has been waited for 9 months or more, is the best motivation to prevent Mommy from negative feelings before labor process.