Monitoring the Development of 1 Year Old Children

Written by: Redaksi

Memantau Perkembangan Anak Usia 1 Tahun

Paying attention to the development of children at the age of one year is something that must be done by all parents. At that time, the child begins to show any indication to interact. It was conducted by the child in order to get the attention.

However, the thing that must be considered should not be just the baby's physical development, but also the mental development. For the maximum physical growth and development of the baby, just give the necessary nutrition at their age.

Vitamins and minerals are the intake they need at this age. The fulfillment of these two essential nutrients can make them stay active with a good performance.

Whole - Hearted

If Mommy wants to treat the baby well at the age of 1 year, Mommy must also consider his mental development. At this age, babies may frequently follow Mommy wherever she goes. It is a natural thing to do. Sometimes the baby wants to be held or treated only by Mommy.

Some people think what the baby is doing referred as a baby who likes to stick or trail at his/her mother. Mommy can take advantage of her spare time to play with the baby in this period. Make sure that Mommy gives love thoroughly, not half-hearted.

Many parents divide their affection with other things, such as more concerned with their work and also other things. As a result, the mental growth of the children will not be satisfactory. 

As a result, if the baby is already at the age of more than one year, the baby will be fussy and difficult to manage. Why does this happen? This is because the methods of the parents at the time of taking care of the baby at the age of one year turned out to be wrong.

They do not care for her child with all the heart that the child has become spoiled and hungry for affection when they grown up. Don’t let Mommy feel guilty in the future because of this matter.

Building Emotional Relationship

Providing interesting stories for the baby or sing beautiful songs for the baby at the time he is going to bed will make an emotional relationship with the baby goes well.

Also in this age, the baby will begin to interact with the talk. Surely they recite words that are not so obvious, but Mommy can maximize it by teaching how to pronounce properly and correctly. 

Try to prohibit Mommy’s child doing bad habits at this age because it can allow them to take the habit until they grow up, such as the habit of being fussy, screaming, kicking, etc.