Know the Characteristics of a 0 Month Old Baby

Written by: Redaksi

Ketahui Karakteristik Bayi Usia 0 Bulan

Mommy’s struggle for 39 weeks of having the fetus in the womb has now been paid off with the joy of the birth of the beloved baby to the world and will color the days from now on. In general, after the baby is born, Mommy would definitely ask the doctor whether the baby is in normal condition. This is reasonable because Mommy would want the baby be born in a healthy and normal condition. 

Newborns have the size of entire body called New Born Characteristics. In addition to ensure the normal size of the baby, this may also become a reference to know the further development of the body. 

The average weight of normal newborns are 2.5 kg and above. If the baby is born below that number, the baby is classified into low birth weight baby and requires special treatment. 

The average length of the newborns are about 50 cm, but genetic factors of the parents might affect the length too. 

The head will appear larger than the size of the body and may have an elongated shape or looks like a lump. This change is also called molding that occurs during childbirth, but after 1-2 days, the head will be rounded with circumference about 33-35 cm. 

The hair is strongly influenced by genetic factors of both parents, and every baby is different. But the lanugo hair (very fine hair on the body) is not visible.

The chest circumference is around 30-38 cm.

The heart rate beating is 120-140 times per minute.

The respiratory frequency is 40-60 times per minute.

The skin color is rather reddish and the skin is covered by vernix. 

The nails are rather long and soft.

The motion to embrace spontaneously when startled is already good.

Sucking and swallowing reflexes are also good when given IMD (Early Initiation of Breastfeeding).

The hand gripping is good.

The first feces of the baby or meconium would be discarded after 24 hours of birth. This is an indication that the baby's digestive system is normal. The meconium of the normal baby is greenish-black and a bit sticky. 

In baby boy, the testes has dropped, while the labia majora in girls (genital lips) already covers the labia minora. 

Those are parameters of normal and healthy new borns characteristics used by health professionals nowadays. Have a wonderful time as a new Mommy. During breastfeeding period, Mommy may improve the breast milk quality by completing the nutrition with DHA, AA, choline, omega 3, and omega 9 included in PRENAGEN lactamom for the brain growth of the baby. Drink PRENAGEN lactamom twice a day.