One Way to Get Pregnant Quickly, Using a Special Potion

Written by: Redaksi

Salah Satu Cara Cepat Hamil, Menggunakan Ramuan Khusus

Is Mommy currently being upset because of not having a child even though already married for a long time? No need to worry, there are so many ways to get pregnant quickly that Mommy can follow to accelerate pregnancy. One of the ways is by eating a special potion that has already been acknowledged to accelerate the pregnancy in a woman.

How is it Mommy, interested in trying? Here are some ingredients that Mommy needs to make the special potion : 

  • The first ingredient to provide is royal jelly. Unlike other materials, royal jelly is a substance that Mommy can easily get around the neighborhood. Royal jelly is rich in vitamins, protein and essential amino acids that become the most important factor in the formation of living organisms. Not only that, royal jelly could help regenerate the skin and also makes ageless.
  • The next ingredient is Egyptian honey (derived from habbatussauda flowers or black cumin). Black cumin itself is already known to be very effective in accelerating the pregnancy. All parts of this plant can be used as a drug. Starting from the leaves, stems, roots, flowers and even the pollen can also be used for human’s health, especially to stabilize the condition of the body.
  • Fenugreek or often called hilba, is also an ingredient to be prepared to create the special postion to accelerate the pregnancy that Mommy has ever wanted. The basic ingredients of this herb is rather difficult to get, because hilba is a native herb of the Middle East. Hilba is normally used to complement the earlier material, the Egyptian honey. This herb is very powerful to stimulate the uterus, facilitate menstruation, and also acts as a fertilization booster. For Mommies who have just given birth, hilba is also very useful to boost the quantity of breast milk.
  • The next ingredient is the palm pollen. This ingredient has long been acknowledged to overcome infertility, increase the reproductive ability of the body, and also improve the quality of the ovum.
  • Bee propolis can also be added to the potion because it can help regenerate the skin and act as anti-oxidants.
  • The last ingredient is ginseng. This herb is necessary because it can increase stamina and accelerate blood circulation.

To mix the potion is relatively easy. All ingredients except the honey are smoothened. If it is well-blended, then Mommy needs to drink this potion, previously mixed with honey, 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon, and also half an hour prior to sexual intercourse. 

Hopefully this method of getting pregnant could make it possible for Mommy to conceive a child.